Hey It's Jali Entertainment

Hey It's Jali Entertainment produces a pair of audio drama series that combine fantasy elements with more modern settings.

The Iron Oath was formed in the Dark Ages. Sworn to protect the world from supernatural beings when they were still hidden. Today, they live among the rest of the world and the Iron Oath reaches across every continent. They are there to make certain Vampires, Werewolves, Druids and others uphold the laws set to regulate them. In Florida, two Police Detectives find themselves involved in a mystery that has them trying to keep the Iron Oath away from Miami and their allies.

During a time when the American frontier was still young, a prosperous silver strike in the Arizona territory brought about the city of Tombstone. Everyone knows the stories and the history of the “Old West”. What they do not know is the entire story. The non Human communities were not friendly back then. The term “The Wild West” was coined because of the constant conflict between Werewolf, Druid and Vampire. The poor Humans were simply caught up in the crossfire of the times. This is the story of the West that few people hear. The stories of the struggles, shameful acts and triumphs of the Veiled West.