Hell on Earth

Hell on Earth is a short full cast audio drama about three teenagers trying to survive in an apocalyptic world. It appears to be a collaborative project for a school assignment, as there are three separate websites describing the production and the various reports and research done on it.

Hell on Earth is a hybrid of horror and thriller with a little bit of comedy thrown into it. This is for the target audience of 16-21, with a mixed gender audience. The story is based around three friends who go to a house party and get drunk. While at the party the characters think it would be fun to hold a seance and summon a spirit. When seeming unsuccessful the characters all stumble home. Little do they know that they have opened a forbidden gate in which strange and horrifying creatures drag themselves out of. Once woken out of their drunken slumber the characters awake to a new world where fire comes alive with fury and blood thirsty creatures hunt whats left of the living. The only chance of the characters surviving is to find the gates. But how do you survive in a world that is no longer your own?