GW Radio Players

The GW Radio Players is an audio dram series in which theater students from George Washington University reenact episodes of classic old time radio programs. The show is broadcast on George Washington University's radio station, WRGW on Sundays from 7-8pm. Episodes are also available to listen to online.

The GW Radio Players is a new show airing on Sundays from 7-8pm on WRGW, taking you back to the early days of radio and radio plays. Listen to classics like Superman, Dragnet, Outer Limits, Abbott and Costello, and much much more!

Our partnership the the Student Theater Council, and its four member theaters (14th Grade Players, Forbidden Planet Productions, Generic Theater Company, and The GW Shakespeare Company) means we get the best actors from the George Washington University to join us and tell the stories from the early days of broadcast radio.

Hosted by Michael Fische, and the GW Radio Players Production Team, we will delve deep into history to find the best plays and bring you tons of cool retro shows, commercials, and more!