Guiders of our Dreams

Guiders of our Dreams is serialized audio drama about a young girl named Lexia Skleara from a distant planet called Skiya. When her family is murdered by undead monsters called Shoryks, she vows vengeance against them all and the evil empress that dictates over the continent and ordered the attack on her home.

But she accidentally awakens a Guider named Artemis, a mystical human from an ancient planet called Earth, who can control an element. The Guider tells Lexia that she is the one known as the “Sky Tear” in many prophecies. Lexia will be the one to destroy the empress, liberate Skiya, and bring back rain to the barren planet. Lexia doesn't believe the Artemis, but she is soon thrown into a new world of pain, darkness, confusion, and inner demons.

The audio drama is available as a series of streaming YouTube videos.

Earth is a living hell, full of despair.

The Guiders, mystical humans who can each control an element, have made their last stand. They have fought against the evils and shadows that have plagued the Earth so long, but now the Guiders are being slain one by one. The apocalypse is undeniable; everyone knows this, and chaos soon ensured. As days go on by, there is only one Guider left.

Artemis, the last Guider, makes a deal with her shadow demon haunting her to make a new planet in exchange for her to make the shadow a Guider as well; but Artemis must sleep. But she made a grave mistake; the shadow transforms Artemis into stone and destroys Earth by erasing the atmosphere. The shadow then declares itself Eclipse.

Eclipse, somehow, kept her shifty side of the promise.

Skiya, a desert planet, was created. Eclipse conquered the war-torn planet for her own. Humans are forced to submit to her tight reign, living with limited rights and no rain. It doesn't help that they are living in the past with technology similar to the middle ages, like swords replacing guns, which no longer exist. The people are now becoming suspicious with the yearly village attacks…

Lexia Skleara is fifteen; when her family and village are ambushed and killed by monsters called Shoryks, she flees to the north with her wounded brother, Jacob. But Jacob's wounds were too deep and he dies in his sister's arms.

As Lexia mourns all of her sudden losses, she accidentally awakens Artemis, the Guider of the moon from Earth. Artemis tells the frightened Lexia that she is the one known as the “Sky Tear” and she has heard prophecies in her head stating that Lexia will being revolution, overthrow Eclipse, and bring the long forgotten rain.

Lexia is very doubtful, but reluctantly joins Artemis and the rest of the already awakened Guiders and their allies in their journey. Where else is she to go?

But far too soon she is thrown into a world of pain, demons, and confusion when she encounters the one who murdered her family; Fang the Merciless, general of Empress Queen Eclipse's army, who can and will change everything.