Golden Ears

Golden Ears is a comedic audio drama series about a middle aged man managing his son's band and navigating the UK music industry.

Golden Ears is primarily about a 'Dad Manager' called Neil Sparks, a 49-year-old Travel Agent, who looks to live out his own faded dreams of becoming a successful musician by managing his unemployable son Dorian's band 'The Sickness.' It also features an old Pub / Live Music Venue, or 'Toilet Venue' as they are known in the trade (a sadly endangered species these days) called The Black Pig run by an elderly Irish couple called Fergal and Joyce. And a collection of Music Industry Types that lurk in the shadows – Live Agents, Radio Pluggers, A&R Execs, Entertainment Lawyers all looking for the Next Big Thing. There is also a dog called Memphis because (1) that's a great name for a dog and (2) dogs are funny. As are band names. Like Bum Gravy.