Ghosts and Echoes

Ghosts and Echoes is a fan fiction audio drama that takes place in the world of Destiny, an upcoming science fiction video game being developed by Bungie. In it a mysterious artificial intelligence named Strauss transmits messages, not all of which are immediately decipherable. Some episodes also include other characters.

This audio drama series is part of Guardian Radio, a podcast dedicated to Destiny.

On a scheduled trip to the outer reaches of the asteroid belt we came across a facility on an undisclosed small moon. Within the facility we came into contact with an ancient AI that calls itself 'Strauss.' Much of what Strauss says is undecipherable and at times he seems erratic. It was not our intention to activate the AI but Watts' just couldn't leave it alone and so now we are linked to it. Strauss has begun transmitting some current news from the Destiny Universe as well as blurbs about the mysteries of it's past. We are doing the best we can to piece together where he came from and who his creator is. Luckily it appears that he has not been affected by rampancy (at least not yet) and can help us learn more about his past and what he has seen. We are hoping that through the weeks and months his voice will become more distinguishable, but for now this is what we're stuck with.