Gallifrey Stands

Gallifrey Stands is a podcast dedicated to the science fiction television series Doctor Who. Among its other content, it has produced several full cast audio dramas.

When Time gets unstuck in the Tardis, the Doctor must travel through its corridors experiencing moments from the past.

Joined only by his new companion Orla, they meet many friends & foes from their past and face some of their personal demons on their journey to fix the Tardis & save the Doctors timeline & that of the Tardis herself.

As the Doctor & Orla head to Earth for her Dad's funeral & they reminisce on how they met. The Doctor had regenerated & crashed into Orla's life. The new health minister unveiled a cure for Orla's Dad's cancer. But is this cure too good to be true? Is the Doctors oldest enemy manipulating it all from behind the scenes? If so can the Doctor pull it together after the change to stop him?