Samantha Foster

Samantha Foster is a writer who has made some of her short horror stories available as audio recordings presented as streaming YouTube videos.

The first part of a short horror story. Part two is listed as being in pre-production.

The day started just as normal as an other for both Mike and Sacheana. The two start the day at their daily jobs as hosts of the radio show “On The Air.” Things then become strange when callers start asking about strange lights and monsters in the sky. Baffled by what they are hearing, the hosts piece together what's going on, as they have no idea of what they are about to confront what is right outside their door.

Adam has always been unlucky. A young man who became an orphan at the age of fifteen. A fire took his family from him and forced him to live under the care of his uncle Charles Mahogany. Yet despite the strict rules of the old man, Adam meddles into the forbidden areas of the household. There Adam finds an extraordinary secret that he can not leave alone.