The Fruits Of Madness

The Fruits Of Madness is a collection of short abstract recordings that are meant to be the psalms of an ancient cult.

The Blooded Fungus = ancient cannibal blood cult … active today in some of our cities most ordinary suburbs. This blog contains queer recordings of the cult's psalms. As a collective the recorded psalms are titled … “THE FRUITS OF MADNESS”.

* The Fruits Of Madness - name of the journal of mad psalms and collective recordings written by member of cult Fungus Sanguinarius.

* Fungus Sanguinarius responsible for missing persons used as sacrifices for thousands of years - children, the elderly, sick, homeless, loners.

* Fears that cult is still active in suburbs of Barcelona, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Sydney. Most recently rumoured active in Boise, Idaho.

* Governments fear ancient underground blood cult behind spread of abductions and random acts of extreme violence.

* All audio posts on this blog are safe … however - Fungus Sanguinarius rumoured responsible for spreading audio parasites hidden as subliminal messaging within their psalms and recorded psalms.

* Government agencies admit helpless to halt affect of aural parasites driving members of public to enact homicide.

* Fungus Sanguinarius blood cult poisons our minds with aural parasites over air waves causing violent long term psychosis in many listeners. Repeat: All audio posts on this site safe.