From the Vault

From the Vault is a weekly radio program that presents information and recordings from the Pacifica Radio Archives Preservation and Access Project.1)

Included in its archive is a recording of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic horror short story The Body Snatcher,2) first published in 1884. This version was originally air on the radio program series The Graveyard Shift on KPFK, Los Angeles, on October 17, 1978.3)

This week on From the Vault we present a haunting tale written by Robert Louis Stevenson, the 19th century Scottish writer probably best known for his classic novels Treasure Island and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In 1979, producer Dudley Knight read Stevenson's spooky tale The Body Snatcher on The Graveyard Shift, an old radio show that served as Pacifica Network's dumping ground for everything macabre. Then, we dig the grave a bit deeper, to bring you a 1961 Colin Edwards interview with one of the most famous horror actors in history, Boris Karloff, best known for his iconic role as Frankenstein. Please enjoy this dark tale and rare interview from the Pacifica Radio Archives.