Forward Momentum Productions

Forward Momentum Productions creates fan-made audio dramas.

Based on the animated series, Star Blazers:

The Earth fought off the first Comet Empire invasion in 2202, but ten years later the Empire returned and this time, our world fell before their might.

After five years of brutal oppression, our planet is a dried, dead husk. Our Imperial masters have decided that before they can move on, the earth must be destroyed and has sent a massive fleet to sterilize the planet's surface.

Our only hope lay with a small band of resistance fighters and their secret weapon, the resurrected Space Cruiser Argo, a mighty battleship that defeated the Empire's initial invasion fifteen years ago. But can her ragtag, inexperienced crew cope with not just the battles ahead, but their own inner turmoils?

A Star Wars audio drama:

The story of Kara Tao Vanden and the crew of the light freighter, Wanderer. When Kara finds her parents murdered for a secret stash of Sith artifacts from her long-dead Grandmother, she must embark on a journey to find the truth of her family, while staying one step ahead of the evil Lord Venaar and his Sith minions, but also avoiding a Jedi Council who seems to know more about her secret than anyone!