Feels Like Magic

Feels Like Magic is a fan fiction audio drama series that takes place within the modern-fantasy world of JK Rowling's Harry Potter. It follows the Singapore Ministry of Magic's Department of Wizard-Muggle Relations, in the post-Voldemort era. The series is produced by the Singapore-based SingaPotter Team.

The podcast follows the start-up of Singapore's first Muggle-Wizard Department in the Ministry of Magic. Headed by Matthew Grimshaw, the first Muggle-Wizard Relations for Singapore, the department releases a monthly radio report to Singapore Wizarding Radio.

The Department of Wizard-Muggle Relations is a department made to manage relations between muggles and wizards, as mixed marriages within the ASEAN community continues to increase steadily, since the death of Lord Voldemort in 1998. The department seeks to bridge the gap between the muggle community and the wizarding world, to stop the discrimination faced by children and adults in society of mixed parentage, and reduce the wizarding blood supremacy. The department will also help to create a better overall image for the wizarding community by increasing depth in muggle studies.