4th Starveling Audio

4th Starveling Audio produces a fan fiction audio drama series titled Defiant Few which is based on the science fiction video game Wing Commander. The story is about a war between the Terran Confederation and the alien insect creatures known only as the Nephilim.

There is also a science fiction horror series in pre-production titled Witch's Angel.

The ever uneasy peace of Gemini sector is destroyed when the Nephilim begin a full scale invasion, with their first target being Perry Naval Base. It is left to Admiral Sandra Goodin and the piecemeal forces at her command to stop the considerably larger alien armada and safeguard the lives of the millions of civilians in Gemini.

Set in a post-apocalyptic, Dark ages reminiscent world where Demons have been unleashed on the Earth and humanity only endures in fortified cities. This is the story of the undead Baron Graig Murwin and his city Witch's Angel, which for years has eked out as good an existence as can be managed in the new world. Like before however, normalcy is soon to be snatched away and Graig and his people shall have to fight to overcome the trials and enemies that league against them.