The 4077th

The 4077th produces audio dramas in a variety of genres.

2 Sides 2 Every Story

Think you know the story?  Think again! Classic tales of literature, myth, history and legend as you've never heard them before… straight from the mouths of the characters themselves.  

We've interviewed the key participants in the most famous and enduring stories of them all, and in five- to -ten minute monologues these legends give wildly contradictory accounts of what really happened…

Think you know the characters?  Think again! Speaking candidly and definitively in an attempt to set the record straight, these famous figures finally reveal their true natures… shattering their popular images.

Sherlock Holmes.  The world's most iconic and intriguing consulting detective.  Everybody knows the image.  The lightning mind; the astute powers of observation; the lean frame in the deerstalker hat and Inverness cape; the virtuoso violinist; the casual misogyny; the 'class A drug' intake that could fell an elephant.

But now the 4077th Productions and Dream Realm Enterprises takes us deeper into the rooms at 221b Baker Street to reveal the candid side of the Great Detective.

Jeff Niles Presents… is an anthology series of quality full-cast adaptations of some of the most influential and most loved works of classic literature, and dark tales of mystery and imagination.