Evening Shadows

Evening Shadows offers full cast audio dramas and textured monologues that are free to listen to and download. Their stories are a mix of different genres, with an emphasis on horror and science fiction.

Two astronauts encounter a massive spaceship graveyard.

It's the first week of college and Kyle just wants to connect with new friends, but there's a murderer on the loose.

Dachiana worries when she can hear music that no one else can hear.

A seismologist visits a coral formation that is experiencing unusual earthquakes.

An empath reaches out to feel what listeners, including you, are feeling.

Tally Bones: A Halloween Story

A little girl dressed in bones leads a boy into the house of the dreaded Old Man Hester on Halloween night.

Two boys work together to find the girl who's been two timing them both. Written in verse.

Two brothers driving through the thick Northeastern California forest come across a radio frequency from a Summer Camp they both once attended.

A wounded man stumbles across a strange hermit in the snows of Yukon.

A dying castle thief recounts the many moats he has swam in his life and the beasts and traps therein.

Lenny learns that sometimes it takes two to go truly crazy.

Nick couldn't sleep during the core staff retreat so he asked the others about their dreams and sleep habits. None of them know what he saw while they slept.

A dirty old man learns about a sex game kids are playing, a woman tells a tale of worsening night bites, and a mutilated dog lover justifies his wounds.

In the land of the blind…

Two boys run away from their boarding school… and then from Earth.

A drug thief crashes outside a pig farm, and meets the prized hog Horace.

A nomad avoids “the sickness of places.” There's no place like home for the homesick.

A caveman in the year 150,000 B.C. and a young boy on Space Sation D in the distant future are linked across time by their struggling lungs

A seemingly hostless Isla Vista house party turns epically weird

An epic poem in five cantos about a preacher lost in the desert

a thought infests the mind and begins to eat the body

A botanist studies a vast network of mushrooms that are all part of one organism

a postscript to Lake Radio

A horror audio drama

Life through a cat's eyes in Davis, CA