Essential NPCs

Essential NPCs is a podcast the presents a group of people playing various tabletop role-playing games. It also offers discussions on how to run role-playing campaigns.

Essential NPCs is a podcast dedicated to sampling the myriad of tabletop RPGs out there. Listeners not only get to enjoy our in-game antics, but also benefit from the 'Words With the GM' segment of each episode.

Words With the GM allows fans who are interested in running games of their own get into the minds of our Game Masters and players. Here they can pick up tips and find inspiration as we talk about previous episodes from a 'behind the scenes' standpoint.

As one series cycles into the next, we'll decide on a game system, rotate the cast, and find a GM. Some systems will no doubt be revisited in future series, and we're definitely receptive to fan suggestions for new game systems to try out.