Erie Canal Theatre

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Erie Canal Theatre is a troupe of Detroit-area performers who create audio drama in a variety of genres. There shows are available for purchase as digital audio files.

This feature-length dark comedy is our current production and is rolling out over a six-episode span. A stand up comedian struggling to make it in 1980s New York is given a chance at fame and wealth, but at high cost!

This is the big one. 18 episodes of sci-fi comedy spanning six hours of immersive storytelling. Originally premiered within the show “Dance With Me, Stanley” on WFMU in New Jersey, this is the series that launched ECT. Follow Malcom and Thalia across our Solar System as they battle the moderately-to-significantly sinister WizBit Corporation.

For Halloween, we created our own version of the classic, creepy radioplay “The Thing on the Fourble Board” from the show “Quiet, Please”. If you don't know what a “fourble board” is, now is the only chance you may ever get to learn. Beware.