Maxximillian Dafoe

Maxximillian Dafoe is a writer and actor who has (among other content) a pair of free fiction storytelling podcasts.

A “darkly humorous story of Jimmy Jennings who wakes up dead in Los Angeles with no clue as to how he can get to the afterlife.”

You create your own reality. Step out of time and into this metaphysical journey through futuristic Los Angeles through the eyes of a dead man walking, and a newly minted celebrity floating through Hollywood life on borrowed time.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you die? So has Jimmy, and today he's going to find out.

After being asleep for more than twenty years, Jimmy Jennings, has awoken from a coma, dead, in Los Angeles. He'd been ready to go for a while, but now that he's gone… Where does he go?

In a neighborhood across town, Karen, a young woman who has (finally, after years of doggedly pursuing her dreams) become a celebrity, struggles to shake off the last of her old habits of self-sabotage and vice. Pulled back into the fray by a surprise visit from Richard, a toxic but influential acquaintance who just won't let go (especially now that Karen is famous), Karen accepts a bribe despite a niggle in the back of her mind that Richard isn't to be trusted.

Old friends, past missteps and memories coalesce into an afterlife experience that leaves Karen and Jimmy wondering just how much of life as we know it is really real, and whether the truth about that is even important. Come and spend a day in the life … Afterlife.

“A Dystopian Suspense Audio Drama”

“Season One's storyline illustrates the personal triumphs and challenges of a commune of expatriates who have pioneered their way to an off-grid paradise landscape in a remote unmapped area where they hope to live without the constraints and punitive aspects of our modern society.”

In an isolated valley nestled in a mountain range near the sea, Mollyville exists.

Rich with cutting-edge technology and abundant in natural resources, Mollyville thrives as a self-policing, paradise community with beaches, cliffs, exotic forests and a system of unknowably vast subterranean caverns that extend beyond sight. Social media is a construct of the past. No emails. No smart phones. No telephones.

It's a whole new world separated from ours by distance, exclusion from world maps, and self-reliance. Mollyville is completely off-the-grid.