DungeonsDeepRPGs produces a podcast featuring people playing a number of tabletop role-playing games from a variety of genres but with a focus on horror.

Horror On The Orient Express is one of the longest and most complex adventures in the history of tabletop role-playing games. We have opted to play this adventure in its entirety, which means no stone will be left unturned; no tome gone unread; and no adventure incomplete… assuming we do not all die or go mad first.

Join us in this thrilling campaign for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition as we fight Cultists and Mythos Creatures from London to Constantinople, and Beyond. Featuring all original music and a talented cast of role-players, this will assuredly be one of the most memorable podcasts you ever hear.

Using the Kids On Bikes RPG system by Jonathan Gilmour and Doug Levandowski, we explore the mysterious and horrifying events surrounding the sleepy town of Hillcrest, Oregon during the mid-1980's. Accompanied by an original 80's-style synth soundtrack, this adventure that is sure to remind you of classic 80's movies like The Goonies, Heathers, E.T., Stand By Me, and The Breakfast Club.

A string of child disappearances brings together a group of kids into an unlikely friendship, and leads them on a perilous investigation into the unknown that none of them will soon forget…

Need a break from the intensity and drama of long campaigns of the same games? Do you like side-splitting humor and outrageous characters with funny voices? How about fun little micro-rpgs and silly adventures from games you may have never heard of? Then have we got a show for you!

The Single Session Show features a rotating cast of players and GM's as well as special guests who get together outside of their normal games to play one-shots of various rpgs like Lasers and Feelings, Savage Worlds, Everyone Is John, Spider Day, and even some original unpublished player-written games.