dragonknighttara (Natalie Van Sistine) is a freelance voice actor, sound designer, and writer. She produces The Elysium Project, a full cast audio drama series about an experimental drug that allows its users to alter the world in accordance with their personalities. She also has produced a short horror audio drama, titled Siren.

The Elysium Project begins as a small handful of students are pulled into the terrifying world of a powerful new drug, known simply as the Elysium formula. Developed by a power hungry businessman, and sold to a man with less than honorable intentions, the formula allows it's subjects to manipulate the world around them in accordance to their own desire.

However, the formula is far from perfect as the students begin to develop second personalities embodying their desires. Without hesitation or moral restraint, the project soon turns more dangerous than its creators anticipated and the subjects must learn to control their abilities before the things they want most become their worst nightmares.

Cast and Crew

  • Natalie Van Sistine: Creator, Writer, Sound Design, Kate
  • Emily Fajardo: Cover Art/Graphics, Melissa
  • Amber Lee Connors: Emma Grayson
  • Xander Mobus: Mirage
  • Justin Briner: Ian
  • Matt Shipman: Nick Landon
  • Russ Gold: James Grayson
  • Danielle McRae: Monica
  • Dan Conlin: Dmitri Bastios
  • Zach Holzman: Evan Meyer
  • Ginger Rosewood: Catherine Choy
  • Kamran Nikhad: Greg Landon
  • Edwyn Tiong: Will
  • Nick Louie: Alex
  • Katherine Logan: Rachel
  • Catherine Rinella: Emma's Mother

Additional Voices

  • Emily Koch – The Little Girl (Ep1)
  • Suzie Yeung – Counselor (Ep3)

Amanda Gonzalez - Assistant Producer, Script Editor
Johnathan Johnson - Original Music
Adam Tilford - Website and Podcasting Assistance

Additional Music

  • HartwigMedia, Under the Non-Commercia/Private usage license.
  • Kevin MacLeod – Incompetech, Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

A young writer retreats to a remote cabin by a lake, in order to collect himself to write his next novel. However, he soon finds himself fighting for his life, against something in the lake. Something that wants him dead!