DOCTORWHOEMPIRE is a series of Doctor Who fan fiction video (DOCTOR WHO - ALTERNATE EMPIRE) and audio (DOCTOR WHO LEGACY) series, starring Julian Bane as the Doctor.

The Doctor decides to visit Mars in search of clues left behind by an old and powerful race. But the humans exploring the pyramids, at the very same time, find themselves in a trap left for none other than Sutek himself. Can the Doctor escape murder, capture and the Gods themselves?

The Doctor and Samantha meet for the first time. After Sam tells the Doctor that the Timelords are dead in her universe… The Doctor decides to visit Gallifrey to see if something is afoot. There he finds the planet plagued by a virus that is killing thousands of Timelords. Are the Timelords dying in this universe as well or is it something else altogether.

The Doctor and Samantha are pulled off course and are forced to land on an unknown but deadly planet. The Doctor can only watch as Samatha goes on a quest to keep him from transforming into a vicious monster. With a friendship just blooming and with very little time left… Samantha must survive this at all costs.