Doctor Whooves and Assistant

Doctor Whooves and Assistant is a fan fiction series of crossover adventures, mixing the characters of the science fiction television series Doctor Who and the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series of cartoons. The episodes are available as streaming YouTube videos.

The series commences when the Doctor is bewildered to find the TARDIS has transported to such a colorful place, and even more bewildered to hear a local pony, Ditzy, talking. She then informs him that here, all ponies can talk, and that the Doctor himself is also a pony, much to his amusement. The Doctor summizes that the TARDIS has brought him to Equestria to participate in an important event, and when the Doctor tells Ditzy this, she suggests that it could be the upcoming Summer Sun Celebration. Before they go, the Doctor promotes Ditzy as his temporary assistant.