Doctor Who - Revelations is a Doctor Who fan fiction series by Deck 10 Productions that follows the adventures the Doctor and his companions as they travel across time and space.

Doctor Who - Revelations follows the adventures of a new Doctor and his companions as they travel across time and space in the TARDIS as the Doctor begins to realise that he cannot go on travelling forever.

Arriving in 1969, the Doctor and Rosie witness the final hurdle of the Space Race, but all is not what it seems. The Doctor realises an old presence is still alive and it's up to him and Rosie to stop it even if that means taking the TARDIS to the most lonely place in the Universe, the Moon.

Following on from the Apollo Incident in 1969, the Doctor and Rosie have split up to cover their tracks. But when Rosie arrives in Petrograd 1917, so does another sinister force at works in the docks praying on the blood of the living. The Doctor, Rosie and Lenin need to work together to defeat their bloodthirsty foes. But what will Rosie learn from this adventure and what darker paths lie ahead for the Doctor?

Legend tells of an ancient artefact passed down the generations and owned by Kings and Emperors - a ring with the ability to bestow power upon the wearer and fulfil their ultimate desires. And the Doctor is going to steal it. From Ancient Rome to a far flung asteroid field, the Doctor and Rosie must escape destiny as history is doomed to repeat itself.