Doctor Audio Adventures

Doctor Audio Adventures is a series of fan fiction female Doctor Who audio dramas first aired in 2016. The first 10 episodes feature Rowena Dinsmore playing the part of The Doctor, The second season features Moira Seward.

A Time Lady’s journeys through time and space with her BFF, some robots and a 20-something aussie bloke – what could possibly go wrong? Modern full cast audio drama produced for community radio. It’s G rated family friendly originally broadcast live to air on 96.5 fm and 103.7 fm Launceston Tasmania Australia, and around the world via Tunein. The archives are online.

Season 3 will be broadcast in 2018 on City Park Radio1) –a community radio station in Launceston, Tasmania Australia – and is available to listen to online as youtube videos with captioning for the hearing impaired as welll as regular audio via podcast see the website for details.

depicts the early years of the Doctor, how & why the Doctor stole the time machine (aka the Questr) from Gallifrey and ran away to explore the universe

the Doctor has a stowaway who has hit several of the co-ordinate buttons of the Questr's controls sending them to a strange planet that exists before the universe began

in the electrifying season finish, having managed to escape the pre-universe, the Questr crash-lands into a world of water full of amphibious aliens

Everyone needs a friend. After the recent incident The Doctor can’t recall something important so she takes Terry back into her early life

after landing on an alien world The Doctor and Terry must stop two warring armies that threaten to destabilise the entire universe.

Terry gets taken as a slave, The Doctor must manipulate time to free him before it’s too late

The Doctor finally delivers Terry to his New Year’s party just in time for the arrival of some unexpected guests from space! Who will save the day?

The Doctor with her grandmother's Lovely Planet Guide and an accident prone Terry are off to Mestifir - a planet of gods and shapeshifters!

Episode 17