Dirty Pair

Dirty Pair is a full cast audio drama based on a Japanese cartoon of the same name.

In the not-too-distant future, humanity learns the dangers of leaving even the most seemingly insignificant of crises unchecked and establishes the WWWA: The Worlds Welfare Work Association. Split up into three areas of Economics, Medical, and Crime expertise, the WWWA works through Trouble Consultants, selected by their central computer to handle any job, with more authority than the galaxy's police and military forces combined.

Amongst all of the WWWA's Trouble Consultants, the most infamous team is that of Kei and Yuri, codenamed the “Lovely Angels” for their good looks and charm. However, they're better known throughout the universe as The Dirty Pair. They're guaranteed to see any incident through to the end… along with a trail of collateral damage behind them.

At the moment, only the pilot episode is available as part of an extended podcast interview. The episode begins about twenty minutes into the podcast.