Dick Dynamo the 5th Dimensional Man

Dick Dynamo the 5th Dimensional Man is an audio theater production spoofing science fiction and mystery radio shows from the '40s and '50s. Dick Dynamo, also known as “The Quint”, is a cosmic troubleshooter who travels across dimensions using his trusty computational briefcase.

Episodes are now hosted by 19_nocturne_boulevard.1)

Out of Space Suspense! Horror Beyond Belief! Organic Passion Fruit! Mind-Boggling Terror! Cosmic Thrills! Unspeakable Sexual Frustration! This is not for the meak at heart, so please, Mom and Dad, hide little Timmy's eyes and ears from the harsh truths about monsters, aliens, and hysterical women, and the real men that risk their lives beating the living crap out of them. A few lousy saps from America's true blooded heartland banded together to create the Old Tyme Radio satirical comedy that takes place in the future retro space age. Dick Dynamo, a creation of steal, a terror for rigillians, and an enemy to vegetarians, is a man's man ready to pack a punch to any villain or meager elderly lady who stands in his way. Dick Dynamo the 5th Dimensional Man is an original sci-fi audio theater series based on the 1950′s detective series but with a modern comedy twist.