Dark Secrets: Frankie's Story

Dark Secrets: Frankie's Story is a serialized noir story about a Frankie, a bartender who has reoccurring nightmare about his ex-girlfriend pleading for him to come and rescue her. It is written and produced by David Germain, as part of DisJointed Productions.

Frankie hasn't been able to sleep for week, night after night he's haunted by visions of terror and regret for his long lost love Roxie. Follow Frankie through the next 24 hours as his tale goes from the strange, to he bizarre, and then…. the impossible.

Frankie has been living his life with the Sword of Damocles over his head. He was drafted in 1941 and spent four years learning the art of pretending you have no heart. The way he saw it, he never should have come back from the war, in truth there as a part of him that never did. He tends bar now, simple work in a pub where no one wants to talk with anyone else and that suits him just fine.

From time to time he sees a young family walking in the park with their newborn. “Baby Boomers” he hears them being called. His heart tries to leap through his chest every time he sees this. He thinks for a moment how happy he might be if one day that young father was him. Then he remembers the one gal who tried to bring him that happiness, Roxie Sullivan. If only he hadn't broken her heart…

Roxie was very much an independent woman for her day and age. Since she was a little girl she knew she didn't fit in with the casual crowds. She was raised mostly by her dad so it's safe to say she was very much a tomboy.The best lesson she ever learned from her dad was how to stand toe to toe with any man who tried to push her around. The were many a drunken fellow who woke up in the ER with a broken nose and missing a few teeth on account of sweet Roxie.

Sadly Roxie's biggest mistake was falling in love with a broken man. She was a fighter but she found out the hard way that she couldn't fight another man's demons. Everyone has their Waterloo and Frankie was hers.