DAM Productions

DAM Productions is UK-based multimedia production company specializing in Doctor Who fan audio dramas and videos (located within the “free stuff” link).

The Special Space Service is an intelligence organisation operating outside the law of Earth and its many colony worlds. Its mandate is to defend Humanity against any threat using any means possible. Devlin, head of the SSS, has learned that the Daleks were not destroyed in the last Dalek War. The Daleks were nearly defeated, but they have survived and have been rebuilding; developing new technologies with which to fight humanity.

This is the story of John Phillips, an SSS agent. John is the son of the best the SSS has ever known, and he is more than a match for his legacy. For Devlin, John is the best weapon he has against the Daleks and the best hope for humanity.

The main Doctor Who audio and video action adventure series, starring David Nagel and Matthew Chambers.

More Doctor Who audio and video action adventure short trips.