Timothy Callahan

Timothy Callahan is a science fiction author who makes his stories available as free episodic audiobooks. His story The Arwen won the 2007 Parsec award for best novella.

When a comet the size of a small moon threatens the remote world of Regal the Earth Alliance assigns the most decorated ship in the fleet, the Arwen, to destroy it. Its Captain, Marjorie Cook, sees this as an opportunity to redeem herself after a tragic mistake in her past causes the death of over 400 of her crew. It seems like an easy mission but, when the Arwen arrives, it finds things are not what they seem.

The Gyssyc ship is in orbit above Ulliam; the Taskforce sent to meet them has been destroyed. Captain Cook fears the worst, the Gyssyc has declared war on the Ulliam. The crew of the Arwen must figure out what happened before a second fleet arrives, the fate of three races rests in their hands.

The Earth Alliance prepares itself for a new war. Two old enemy's have allied themselves with Regal, the planet the Arwen saved two years earlier, to build a massive Armada assigned to destroy Earth. Vice Admiral Payton Cook must defend the planet against insurmountable odds while Captain Cook does battle to save Ulliam from a deadly surprise attack.

After three years of searching Professor Ricter believes he's found the planet that will help save Ulliam from plummeting into its sun. It comes in the form of an unknown planet over 2,000 light-years from Earth and made entirely of water. He elitists his friend, Captain Marjorie Cook, to accompany him and his team to investigate. When they arrive a strange force disables the Arwen leaving it in an unstable orbit above a planet with three times the gravity of Earth.

While traveling through the newly discovered Wormhole Beta space the Arwen receives a message from an astronaut thought dead for 450 years. It's a mystery too curious for Professor Ricter, Captain Cook and her crew to ignore. The stakes get even higher when it's discovered the signal originates from a massive Dyson Sphere. What the Arwen and her crew discover changes everything they thought about their place in the galaxy.

The Earth prepares itself for the inevitable arrival of the Handler's. When they do attack, it's more devastating than anything they could ever imagine.

During a raid of the Ulliam system the Handler's manage to drop off a message to Captain Cook and the United Corps Planets in the form a 16 year old clone of Captain Cook. The clone, who names herself Ann, has one simple message: Some of Handler's want peace.

While on her way to deliver the message the Arwen, as well as the other Corps sentient computers, start acting strangely as a virus turns them against their crew.

Meanwhile, Professor Ricter works on way to manipulate wormholes. His ultimate goal is to fling a small start at one of the Handler's Dyson Sphere's.

Hello, my name is Alex Johnson, AJ to my friends, and this is a story on how I ruined my life and my marriage.

Liz and I thought we’d have the perfect life on the moon, her working as a computer programmer, me working as a teleoperator. We were wrong, so very wrong. Living in a world where all you do work then go home can be boring to a guy like me, add to that a wife who will stop at nothing to get ahead and another woman who wants to be more than friends and you have an explosive mix that blew up in my face.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Listen to my story, see what happened, and don’t hate me when it’s over.

Ida, one of the largest Asteroid in the belt between Mars and Jupiter, has finally been colonized. A group of engineers lead by John McVey, Craig Osborn, Gail Trabor, Andrew Dee and Jennifer McGee, occupy the largest space station every built to plan the future of the tiny colony. Sent there by Kennedy Lacombe, the richest man in the world, their only task is to find ways to mine the asteroid as efficiently as possible. John, however, has grandiose plans including riding a comet around the sun to obtain enough water for the colony to one day survive independent from Earth. His ambition quickly shifts when he discovers an accident with the station's birth control pills causes 20 women, including Jennifer, the woman he loves, to become pregnant. The rules on pregnancy are simple; a baby is a drain on resources and must be removed. John, his friends, and a large group of miners will do anything they can to prevent that, including declaring themselves the first independent colony outside of Earth.

Scrapper, a disgraced United Corp Captain, and his crew of salvagers have found a bounty too large to ignore orbiting a gas giant. Upon arriving on the unnamed science vessel, they find all but two of the crew slaughtered. The survivors, Naomi, a computer programmer, and Professor Litchen, the ship's lead scientist, tell conflicting stories of crew members turning into murderous monsters.

With the ship's treasures promising Scrapper redemption and a better life, he ignores his instincts to leave. It's a decision Scrapper soon regrets as the mysteries deepen and the survivors' secrets are revealed.