CP Studios

CP Studios (originally Calladra Productions) produces full cast Doctor Who fan fiction audio dramas. There are currently two serialized stories, with others in pre-production.

Co-written and produced with J. P. Quick, this series of not-for-profit, fan-made audio plays tells the story of a new incarnation of the Doctor as he travels in time and space with his companions Whitney, Zacharias and K-9. Together they face off with all manner of evil forces, both on Earth and across cosmic, alien landscapes, make new friends and allies, brave insurmountable dangers, and uncover spectacular treasures. You, too, can step through the doors of his magnificent time-machine, and join the hero of the universe and his friends on an adventure like no other.

Starring Scott D. Harris as DOCTOR WHO, April Sadowski as WHITNEY ANDERSON, Caith Donovan as ZACHARIAS COBB, with Matt Clarke as the voice of K-9.


#1-3: “Las Pinturas Negras”: 26 September-28 September 2013
#4-7: “The Wooden Planet” (50th anniversary release): 23 November-25 December 2013
#8-?: “Matters of Freedom”: coming in 2014.
#?-?: “Small Steps”: coming in 2014.
#?-?: “Biodome”: coming in 2014.

The Doctor and his companions Whitney and Zacharias land in Madrid during the mid-1800's. Intrigued by local rumors that the spirit of Francisco Goya, an old friend of the Doctor's, has been haunting the town, the travelers put off their lunch briefly to investigate with Francisco's grandson Mariano and Mariano's ward Miguel. What they find is an insidious plan seemingly concocted by local man Ricardo Solozano, who secretly leads an underground satanic cult. But what does this all have to do with “The Great He-Goat”, a painting by the late Francisco?

When a mechanical fault forces the TARDIS crew to make a crash landing, they find themselves on a bizarre planet carved from wood and inhabited by an order of monks, led by the formidable Abbess. Found guilty of threatening their seemingly pastoral way of life, the travellers must somehow prove their good intentions, unaware that an older and far more insidious threat lurks in the shadows.