Chance: An Inspired Youth Project

Chance: An Inspired Youth Project is a series of audio dramas researched, created and performed by young people. Its aim is to “raise debate around the chances, risks, responsibilities, opportunities, and consequences that affect young people's lives.”

We all take chances, we all have to make choices and ultimately we face the consequences of our decisions. But in a world where its hard to know who to trust, when it comes down to the choices you make, can you trust yourself?

Chance is a series of audio dramas driven by the voices, opinions and experiences of young people. The stories revolve around strong characters who are all faced with life changing decisions. The project is a revolution in story telling, involving young people from a range of backgrounds and with diverse experiences in life.

The idea is to engage young people in debate, putting them at the heart of the discussion. It looks to address and raise awareness of the most prevalent social issues facing young people in Britain today and creates a safe arena for the exploration of the issues.

Chance is a youth driven project working alongside Inspired Youth and aims to engage, challenge, inform and inspire a youth audience driving on-going debate.

Inspired Youth's 'Bright Sparks' will power the project from concept to design and delivery. They are a group of talented young people drawn from a range of creative projects delivered by Inspired Youth over the past five years. They will draw on their own experiences of prevalent social issues and embark on a richly creative Research and Development process involving further groups of young people working in partnership a number of key community charities.