Cavalier Audio Plays

Cavalier Audio Plays is a collection of audio dramas produced by Gemma Dwarwood, including scenes from unfinished productions.

Welcome to the brand new official website of Cavalier Audio Plays! We create audio productions of many plays from Shakespeare to Oscar Wilde, as well as original audio plays. Many voice actors have lent their voices to our productions, and an audio play wouldn't be complete without sound effects!

Adapted from Mike Ferrians and Brenda Chapman's script based on Charles Dickens' classic novel, A Christmas Carol tells the story of Ebeneezer Scrooge, an old miser who despises Christmas. One night, Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his former business partner, Jacob Marley, who in turn brings forth three spirits that help Scrooge see the light.

Hen Night From Hell was an original play I was working on in 2013. It started off as a short scene I was writing in 2012 as part of a competition, before I decided to expand it into a script for a short film and then an audio play. Several scenes were written, and the completed production was intended to be released on Halloween 2013. Unfortunately due to writer's block and poor commitment from some of the cast members, the project ended up being cancelled.

Aria and Darren are to be married soon. However, Darren is not who he seems to be. On Aria's hen night, her sister Melody is mysteriously murdered, leaving four suspects: Aria, Darren and Melody's other siblings, Harmony and Chord. Within time, the plot soon turns into a game of Cluedo: who did it, with what weapon, and why.

You might be asking, why does an abandoned project have its own page? This page is here to show what could have been, including a few script samples and a small scene released in audio format. Please give them a look.

Adapted from Oscar Wilde's “trivial comedy for serious people”. Gwendolen Fairfax is fascinated by the name of Ernest, and is in love with a man of that name, whose feelings for her are mutual. The problem is, his name isn't Ernest at all; it's Jack. His friend, Algernon Moncreiff, soon finds out about Jack's double life and pretends to be his fictional brother, also named Ernest, in order to woo Jack's ward, Cecily Cardew, who also expresses fondness for the name. Meanwhile, Lady Bracknell, Gwendolen's mother, refuses to let Jack marry her daughter unless he can provide evidence of at least one of his birth parents. What's an Ernest to do?

Originally cast in 2015 for a release earlier that year, production has been pushed back. The finished production should hopefully be released some time in 2016.

Our next production is The Snow Queen, adapted from the popular Hans Christian Andersen fairytale and the basis for Disney's Frozen.

Gerda and Kai are best friends, until one day Kai is taken by the mysterious Snow Queen. Gerda sets off on a journey to find him, along the way meeting a cast of characters including a group of Robbers and a Prince and a Princess. Will they help her rescue Kai, or will the ice inside his heart freeze him to death?

This is a project I started in 2012, only for it to go on hiatus. It was originally the opening scene to another play, “Ten Gens On”, which follows these characters' descendants in the present day, only for the whole project to be scrapped.

In this very short scene, in Hamelin, Germany, 1762, a woman with an abusive husband is having an affair with a boy who could pass as her son. As a parting gift, she gives him a locket which the two pass down to their children, their children's children, and so forth.