Cavalcade Audio Productions

Cavalcade Audio is a one-man production house, working in different genres, where all content is written, voiced, and produced by lostnbronx (David Collins-Rivera).

In a future time of spaceflight and artificial worlds, on a dumping ground for humanity's lost and forgotten, at the intersection of death and immortality, an artist's obsession brings him to the point of desperation and madness.

Portly, middle-aged, modern day lounge singer, Eddie Kosnofski, is on his way up!

Okay, not really. But he wants to be, which is all he needs to keep on swinging, despite cynicism, anger issues, and questionable talent. Pair him with his best friend and agent, Salvatore Deretti (a lowlife living the high life), and a kooky collection of friends and foes, and Eddie hurtles through temper tantrums, bizarre accidents, and oddball humiliations.

The sky's the limit for Eddie K…but, really, the gutter ain't so bad either!

Stardrifter: Book 1

A remote corner of a bleak system…
A broken-down gunboat, stuck in space…
An incompetent captain and a misfit crew…
A pirate ship, a silent target, and a whole bunch of secrets…
So how's YOUR day going?

There have to be easier ways to make a living – easier than dying slowly in an obsolete boat, as its power drains out and life support fails. Forget the job; forget the pirate problem: there's only time for a desperate jury-rig and maybe a little hand-wringing! And anyway…what are the odds of running into trouble way out there?

Set in a distant future among the stars, this series introduces us to Ejoq Dosantos, professional gunner for corporate and privately-owned armed merchant ships. Pirates, venal business interests, and interstellar intrigue abound, but sometimes it seems like Ejoq (who might have a slight authority issue) is his own worst enemy!

Stardrifter: Book 2

1.) Never be desperate
2.) Never do more than your job description
3.) And never, ever go down the well…

Ejoq needs work. The tramp starship GRIZZELDA needs a gunner. But what starts as a last-minute personnel replacement soon turns into something far more, with a non-functional duty station, his predecessor's emotional fallout, and a deeply buried secret that will change the course of nations.

Through a dark odyssey across a violent, frozen world, and a haze of lies and shadowy clues, Ejoq will face frenzied zealots, frightened elitists, and dangerous mercenaries on an unknown mission.

Revolution, intrigue, and battles among the stars. Better take a deep breath…

A collection of short stories set in the Stardrifter universe.

A teenage girl with a choice to make; a stand-up comic running from his past; a woman giving birth while her world is torn to pieces. Space stations, starships, and people just being people. Five stories from the Stardrifter universe!