The Cartographer's Handbook

The Cartographer's Handbook is an audio drama about an alternate-reality 19th century United States recovering from the Civil War that experiences an outbreak of a zombie-like plague that causes people turn turn into savage creatures referred to as “wendigos”. The stories is presented as a series of first hand accounts collected into a volume to be used as a training manual. The story is written by Alex Shaw and performed by a full cast.

Ostensibly written by Thomas W. Arlington, director of the newly formed National Intelligence Agency, this book is given to scouts of the Reunified States Military, setting out to travel an America beset since 1872 by a lethal new plague.

The infected regress to an aggressive, feral state and it is up to what remains of a shattered government, operating out of the reclaimed Washington DC, to re-establish contact and form a total army of the people, if they are to stand a chance of retaking their land.