BTR Productions

BTR Productions is an Australian-based amateur multimedia production company which premiered on the internet in January 1999 with the release of their first official Doctor Who fan audio drama, part one of “The Invasion of the Daleks”. The group specialized in producing audio dramas and short films, occasionally branching out into the areas of stage plays and paperback publications. The group ceased active production in December 2005. Some episodes are available to listen to on the website, and others are for sale.

BTR Productions initially focused on creating Doctor Who fan audio dramas, but over the years has also been involved in producing the following:

An on-going series of audio dramas exploring the adventures of an alternative Ninth Doctor and his various companions.

A full-length Doctor Who fan film produced in 2000, filmed on location in and around Brisbane, QLD.

A series of short films set in the BTR Doctor Who universe, offering a variety of styles & tones.

A collection of short films covering a variety of styles set in the Doctor Who universe.

A 6-part fan audio series exploring a possible future plot line for Terry Nation’s science fiction classic, Blake's 7.

An original science fiction anthology series, which has featured releases in both audio CD and paperback formats.

An original 3-part audio drama exploring the world of human dreams.