Bloody Foundations: A Grace and Poppy Adventure

Bloody Foundations: A Grace and Poppy Adventure is a fantasy story by Grady J. Gratt, who has made it available as a free digital audiobook.

In a world where magic is real and monsters lurk in the shadows, the only hope people have for saviors are a pair of janitors. They're not too pleased about it either, but they have experience in cleaning up messes

Grace West: A general all around disappointment to her family, now making ends meet with a combination of crime scene cleaning and house flipping. She is as surprised as anyone to be making money from this unhealthy combination.

Winterdawn “Poppy” Strongwill: A former child hero in the Fantastical world and now a full-time burnout, trying to live off the magical grid. Making do with a police station janitor job by day and reality TV shows and take out food at night.

Unfortunately for our reluctant heroes the Fantastical World is a mess. Mythical monsters are running amuck, amoral wizards are experimenting on innocents, and one of the worst kinds of trouble is about to crash into their quiet little worlds.

Emma is a golem, an unstopable monster made of clay. For an extra kick the fiend that made her used clay created with the ashes taken from the ovens of Dachau. Emma is set on a “holy” mission, to reclaim artifacts stolen from the victims of the Holocaust camps. Unfortunately she does this by killing everyone and anyone in her way, regarless of innocence, and in the most brutal ways possible.

Grace and Poppy are drawn into Emma's orbit by the grisely murders of close friends. Knowing that they are the only ones who have a chance of stopping the monster, Grace and Poppy need to face their own demons and become the heroes that this world desperatley needs.

And they better do it fast, because Emma does not stop, she does not forgive, and every second she's getting closer…