Blood Space Armed Forces Radio Network

Blood Space Armed Forces Radio Network is a YouTube channel that features several podcasts (presented as streaming videos) with eerie or supernatural themes, many of which are directly inspired by welcome_to_night_vale.

This Temporal Newsfeed is operated down chrono-stream by The Blood Space Armed Forces Radio Network under the control of The Bureau of Entertainment and up chrono-stream by your individual timeline temporal newsfeed provider under the aegis of Citizens for a Blood Space War.


Your timeline has recently survived an incursion by hostile forces from down chrono-stream. It is not uncommon for individuals from “the present”, as you refer to it in your timeline, to experience stress from discovering that they are smack dab in the middle of a time war. This is a perfectly normal sensation and we suggest you allow yourself to embrace this feeling in the fullest.

Trust us, you'll want to get used to living in a constant state of panic as quickly as possible.