Spaced Out

Full Cast Science Fiction Series

Set in the year 2149, the human race has ventured out into the stars where they have encountered The Sovereign; a galactic kingdom encompassing thousands of planets and hundreds of species. However they did not find it a warm welcome. Due to their violent and greedy history, humanity is mistrusted and looked upon with disdain, and so survive on the lowest fringes of society.

On the distant slum world of Orienna Four, a human girl named Kora is looking for a way to get out of this moon sized purgatory, an escapeā€¦an adventure! And so she signs up to join the crew of a small mercenary ship called The Renegade.

With a disconcerting amount of gunfire directed towards her, a new arch-enemy by proxy, an heirloom with more importance than anyone realises, and some strange new crewmates, Kora discovers she is stronger than she ever imagined, and a universe of trouble awaiting her.



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