The Space Buccaneers

Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series

“They're bringing peace to the Galaxy! (But not to each other)…“

The adventures of four equally emotionally troubled people (well one lizard man) as they try and bring peace and justice to the Galaxy.

The COMMANDER pompous, over-sexed and almost completely incompetent.

The MAJOR, brilliant star pilot and Space Fleet officer. She makes very few mistakes. One of them was marrying the Commander.

The DOCTOR, skilled, caring and empathetic. But nursing a broken heart where only excessive alcohol and “Companion Clones” can ease her loneliness. Full-time job keeping the Major and Commander from killing each other.

LAZAR, a Saurian. Eight foot, fire-breathing man-lizard. Writes poetry and wants to join a book group. Has issues about his size, weight and how others see him.

SHIP - a very young A.I. who controls everything, but still learning about how humans interact. Does his best but cries if you shout at him. Keen to please.

GRID - Ship's potentially psychotic A.I. sibling, in charge of all weaponry. Shoots first, asks questions later. Actually, doesn't ask questions at all…



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