Just Another Shark-Man Podcast!

Full Cast Comedy Series

A fan podcast from another world.‚Äč

Hosts Jack and Ferg are buried in a deep psycho-capitalist nightmare of movie trivia, cheap merchandise, and straight-to-DVD releases. Every day they make a podcast about the Shark-Man Films, throwing another empty husk onto the pile of rotting content that makes up their world.

They record the podcast every day in their state-of-the-art studio (the back room of a launderette), interviewing all the hot movers and shakers from Shark-Man Studios and its fandom. They also venture out into the world, microphone in hand, to the local milkshake bar, fan conventions, and even DVD Island; a miles-wide pile of DVDs that Shark-Man Studios dumped into the North Sea.

We join Jack and Ferg on their 144th episode, just after the loss of their third co-host, Will. Will has been imprisoned for hunting down and killing every cast and crew member of the much-maligned Shark-Man film, Dark Squid.

Wayne's World meets Brave New World, JASMP is a surreal, character-driven and incredibly on the nose satire about fan culture, obsession, and the horrors of late capitalism.



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