Full Cast Science Fiction Series

D.R.E.A.M. is an audio drama about a conspiracy-obsessed ex-reporter, a spoiled daddy's girl, an unemployed Norwegian gamer, and a party girl, monitored by their exhausted handler, who enter virtual reality simulations whose effects begin to leak into the real world.


The D.R.E.A.M project (Disconnected Reality Exploration and Monitoring) is an experiment designed to test the human body's ability to withstand prolonged exposure to virtual reality environments. It is run by a company called Visillico, which currently offers augmented reality workforce training programs. They have also released augmented reality games with some success. They have recently registered an exclusive patent on a new virtual reality technology and plan to develop fully virtual training programs to replace the augmented reality ones they currently offer, but are looking into the possibility of producing virtual reality simulations and games that would last longer than the usual thirty-minute simulations used in workforce training.

D.R.E.A.M researchers and representatives from their sponsors, including Whitmore Laboratories, a large pharmaceutical conglomerate, have selected four participants chosen for their eccentricities to participate in a six-month study measuring their mental and physical wellbeing after prolonged (upwards of two hours) exposure to virtual environments. The story follows those four participants and the researcher assigned to conduct interviews with them after each “dream,” or trip into the virtual realm programmed by Visillico. At first, the trips are short and relatively pleasant, but as time goes on, the dreams become more like nightmares. When sounds and images from dreams begin to leak into the real world, the subjects find themselves unable to escape their contracts and forced to continue as the line between reality and virtual reality becomes nothing but a dream itself.



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