Cobbler's Gulch

Full Cast Children's Fantasy Series

Welcome to Cobbler's Gulch! Fair warning: As a visitor to Cobbler's Gulch, there's a better than even chance that you will encounter the following: pirates, circus folk, roughnecks, dwarves of various sizes and temperaments, dragon slayers, and a menagerie of monsters including goblins, tuxedo-wearing frogs, screaming scarecrows, witches, and many others that have yet to be properly named. If the above list makes you feel uncomfortable, please know there will also be adventure, whimsy, magic, bold acts of derring-do, and lots and lots and lots of goats. So many goats. Consider yourself warned! If you're still wondering if this show is for you, know this: The story is a celebration of adventure and fantasy, of fiction and storytelling, of gut-busting laughs and the occasional spooky turn. It's about friendship and turning your flaws into a force with which to be reckoned. It's for kids, yes. Or children if you're puttin' on airs. But it's also for those of us in charge of kids or children, particularly those of us who may have forgotten how much adventure is still out there. We of Cobbler's Gulch hope this story helps you remember. We hope you join us. Either way, we offer you this: never let a goblin get your goat.


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