Full Cast Science Fiction Series

Welcome to Claybourne, the small, scenic township in the far north of New Zealand's North Island.

It's a friendly little town - home to a pub, a general store, a service station and, up on the hill, the southernmost communication satellite station of American communication giant, Koestler Industries.

Thompson is an American holidaying in New Zealand after his breakup nearly led to a breakdown. He receives a message from his employers that there's a problem at the station up north, and that since he's there, he should check it out. The problem is “a problem doesn't even begin to describe it”.

Never mind the tapu, the mysterious death rate, rumours of dragons, conspiracy theories about the global military industrial complex, and the old guy with the gun.

The town is the future site of “Maoriworld” – the tourism drawcard that'll put this place on the map (investment enquiries welcomed).

Just don't ask too many questions.


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