Beyond the Belt

Full Cast Science Fiction Series

BEYOND THE BELT: ADVENTURES FROM THE OUTER RIM is a non-linear science fiction drama that is presented in 8 episodes all told from the different perspectives of the people who lived through it! Each episode also features an original soundtrack uniquely composed for each story!

Season 1 Synopsis
Take a wild ride with the soldiers of the Deep Space Colonial Marines (DSCM) as they battle mystery, uncertainty, and peril at every turn!

While on a routine patrol of the outer rim territories, the starship DSCM Protector encounters trouble and is forced to dock at a mysterious station for repairs. Receiving no communication from inside the station, Lieutenant Abigail Kelly, known to her soldiers simply as LT, leads Alpha Squad into the station to investigate. What they find could put them all in jeopardy.

Find out what happens on this wild journey over the action-packed 8-episode season!


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