Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Series

A.I.N.E. is an app exclusive radio drama series about a faulty Human-Robot Hybrid adjusting to life in contemporary Ireland. Although A.I.N.E. appears as a smart and sophisticated 30 year old, the reality is…she's not the sharpest tool in the box. Can artificial intelligence and Irish society co-exist? Is it all going to end in tears? Tune in every Monday to hear Ireland's first A.I. bring awkwardness to a new level.

A.I.N.E. (Artificial Intelligence Nine Eight) was a joint development between the European Robotics Research Network (ERRN) and Science Foundation Ireland (SFI). The project was led by Dr. Clive Clayton and based in Madrid, Spain. The ERRN and SFI hope to integrate A.I.'s into modern society as part of the Irish Government's “robotics strategy”. In doing so, Irish President Michael D. Higgins aims to encourage the country on towards securing a large percentage of a multi-billion Euro industry.

Once users have downloaded the A.I.N.E. app, they will have exclusive access to 'AineVision'. This feature allows app users to see the world through A.I.N.E.'s eyes. The 'AineVision' live feed can happen anywhere, any time. Where will she be? What will you see? Download the free app now to find out.


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