Atlanta Radio Theatre Company

Since 1984, the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company has been performing, recording, and broadcasting fully dramatized, fully sound-scaped audio drama, often with a very specific focus on Science Fiction, Horror or Fantasy.

Some of their more noteworthy adaptations include several works by H. P. Lovecraft including The Call of Cthulhu, the The Dunwich Horror, and At the Mountains of Madness. They have also performed adaptations of works by H. G. Wells including The Invisible Man, The Island of Dr. Moreau, and The Time Machine. However, several authors who do not have work in the public domain have also given permission either personally or through their estate, including Robert A. Heinlein for adaptations of All You Zombies, The Man Who Traveled in Elephants, and The Menace From Earth; Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman for an adaptation of Lord Durndrun's Party; Henry Lee Forest's Special Order; and James P. Hogan's Zap Thy Neighbor.

Titles are available for purchase on the website. There are audio samples.

They also have a podcast with news and original audio drama stories, as well as a YouTube channel that offers several streaming videos of live performances - presented as audio along with still pictures.