Animorphs: the Radio Drama Uncensored

Animorphs: the Radio Drama Uncensored is an unofficial archival podcast that presents people lightheartedly reading the young adult book series Animorphs1) about a group of people who can transform into animals.

The brainchild of the original DJs - Kyle Mechling, Matthew Tongue, and CJ Hainley - this oddity was born in the 2nd floor corridor of Christie Hall on the University of Portland campus when these three miscreants realized that they had all read KA Applegate's young adult series Animorphs when they were in middle school, but had never finished them. As a result, the trio started reading the series over again adding some flare, some tangents, and a couple jokes here and there. What they found most interesting, however, was that people stopped and listened. Since CJ was always of the mindset of go big or go home, the story-time-in-the-hallway turned quickly into a college radio program with an international fan-base. So, in true AtRDU fashion - Blame CJ. 2)