Anarchist86ed is a collection of fan fiction audio drama series based on various movies.

Alien: Solara tells the story of the crew of the USCSS Solara as they're drawn into a war between rival companies, both of which intend to capture and harness the abilities of the Xenomorph creatures. But now they may be the only hope of stopping new, and even worse forms of the creatures.

An Alien fanfiction audio drama series.

LV-426 still holds many secrets. Secrets that Weyland-Yutani are now desperate to get their greedy hands on.

An Alien fanfiction audio drama series.

A bunch of expendable bitches get the call to pick up some Weyland-Yutani explores who have gone missing on a frozen little ball in the ass end of nowhere. What will they find other than some gas mas wearing little goofballs?

“In October of 1994, three student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland while shooting a documentary. A year later their footage was found.”

In September of 1999, a private investigator takes on the case to find out what really happened. Join Danyon Cole, private investigator and objective believer of the paranormal, as he searches for the real answers.

In the near future, Europe has become one nation to save it's self from disastrous migrant invasion. With Russian guidance, the continent becomes a neo-communist super power and now set their sites on their biggest threat to their new union, the united states. Now American teenagers must put down their smartphones and pick up a weapon to fight for their families and their homes.

Who are you going to call, email, tweeter? Not the cast of some 80s science fiction comedy. When paranormal activity is out of control, and you need someone with real science fiction ghost catching equipment, you need the spirit eliminators.

Picking up in the year 2090, the SGC is a museum, Atlantis is parked on the moon, and ZPM's power everything. Earth's most brilliant scientist, and the young woman who discovered the means to manufacture zero point modules, is dying. Her final request is to visit a world in a distant galaxy which required ten chevrons to be dialed. Using her IQ that is so high they had to invent a test to test her IQ, she discovers a way to reprogram the museum stargate to dial the address. Once there, she and the team assigned to escort her discover a lush and perfect world. Or so it seems. They quickly discover they are not alone, and that an enemy of the ancients has been waiting. Now, with knowledge of the young woman's ancient gene, they learn their mortal enemy may have returned. And now is the time for their revenge.