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AM Audio Media



AM Audio Media is a Toronto-based production company that specializes in full cast audio plays, radio shows, and short films. It produces a Doctor Who fan fiction audio drama series titled Doctor Who: Dark Journey in which the Doctor teams up with Sherlock Holmes.

Dark Journey follows the adventures of an emotionally shattered Doctor who arrives in London and becomes companion to Sherlock Holmes in an effort to stop Jack the Ripper's murderous trail of terror. But is there an even greater evil at work in Victorian England?


The Doctor Meets The Great Detective

Doctor Who: Dark Journey Series 1: Episode 1

A recently regenerated and emotionally shattered Doctor arrives in London where he becomes a unexpected companion to Sherlock Holmes. The Doctor and Sherlock are initially teamed up in an effort to stop Jack the Ripper's murderous trail of terror. But could there be an even greater evil at work in Victorian England?

Descent Into Darkness

Doctor Who: Dark Journey Series 1: Episode 2

Descending into the shadowy depths of a deserted Waterloo Station, the Doctor and Holmes find themselves face to face with a pack of wild murderous dogs, but what evil force possesses them and why?

And what does the seemingly innocent Albert know about the ghostly killing of 5 men with a very mysterious connection and how is it connected to the Ripper's reign of horror? The seconds count down before The Doctor meets his soul mate but first … He has to save her life.

Noble Soul Mates

Doctor Who: Dark Journey Series 1: Episode 3

In the middle of a White Chapel bar room brawl an entranced Doctor is intrigued to discover that the horror of 'The Noble Project' is no longer a burden that he must suffer alone. Linked by his guilt ridden past, The Doctor and Cassandra find themselves lost in each other but how much does she know about the broken Time Lord and how? The Doctor is playing a dangerous game in which he thinks he's the major player but who are the devilish manipulators hiding in the shadows?

And as the seconds tick slowly away, how long will it be before he risks losing his mysterious and alluring soul mate?….Cassandra Shields, who possesses a rare and terrifying gift, 'The Sight'.

Emily Looks to the Stars

Doctor Who: Dark Journey Series 1: Episode 4

The Doctor discovers that the Ripper has more in common with a mysterious alien presence than he would like to admit. Struggling to save London from this dark force, the Doctor clashes with Holmes who is desperate for the Doctor to not allow his dark passenger, 'The Sight' to rise to the surface.

Confiding in someone for the first time since 'The Noble Project' the Doctor makes a promise to Emily that could have murderous implications. The Doctor and Holmes are unaware of the terror awaiting a violent rebirth, as Emily does indeed look to the stars and wonders “Why am I so terrified by the night sky?”

Death On Baker Street

Doctor Who: Dark Journey Series 1: Episode 5

As time runs out, Holmes, The Doctor and Emily decode the secrets of the stars and an ancient plot to initiate the demonic transformation of humanity.

When a terrified witness to the recent killings finally reaches them, a hellish pursuit takes place deep within the murderous fog of Victorian London. With the clock ticking, The Doctor and Holmes find themselves face to face with a monster who threatens the existence of the people closest to The Doctor as well as humanity itself. Holmes and The Doctor think they have uncovered the deadly intentions of the Illuminatos cult but have they failed to see the diabolical trap set for them by demons who live in plain sight?

Legend of The Beast

Doctor Who: Dark Journey Series 2: Episode 1

“The Doctor is dead. Long live The Doctor?..”

Holmes has to deal with an unhinged Doctor who has no mercy to those who oppose him. A Doctor who has cheated death many times but this time it's very different and much more dangerous.

The Case Of The Poisoned Sky

Doctor Who: Dark Journey Series 2: Episode 2

“Summon the Beast, summon the Beast….”

The Doctor and Holmes take to the air in an attempt to stop the end of the world. But what evil waits for them in the dark skies above London?

The Age Of Banishment

Doctor Who: Dark Journey Series 2: Episode 3

“What would the demented woman have said to you Holmes?”

Holmes faces his tragic upbringing as the Illuminatos spirits taunt him with the sadness of the past … the moment in which 'Sherlock Holmes,' hero of London was forged from pain and despair.

As the shadows close in around them The Doctor must confront his own past. His shame and torment, the dark Gallifreyan days of 'The Time of the Banishment'.

While the whispering shadows torment our heroes with the horror of past times what gift does Cassandra have for The Doctor, when the sacrifice of innocence brings them together for the final time?

The Passing Of Light

Doctor Who: Dark Journey Series 2: Episode 4

“You prayed when you lost them Doctor? Why?”

Holmes discovers the horrific truth of the Bonesmen and braves the horrific whispering shadows to save Emily.

The foundations of The Doctors life are shaken to their very core as the shame of his ancient secrets is revealed by Gull and his illuminatos spirits.

When the ghosts of The Noble Project rise to speak, The Doctor realizes that he has been a pawn in a deadly and ancient game.

Cassandra's seduction of the Doctor reaches a murderous conclusion as Holmes looks into the dead eyes of the innocent and finds only revenge, fury and his own destruction.

Sins of the Father

Doctor Who: Dark Journey Series 2: Episode 5

Cassandra and her murderous cult of Bonesmen continue to stay one step ahead of The Doctor and Holmes but our heroes have help from beyond the realms of existence itself.

A mysterious, wise and ethereal presence. His origins are unknown, his wisdom is legendary, he knows the secrets of the universe. And…

The Doctor calls him Fred. And 'Fred' is the only thing standing in the way of The Doctor and Holmes facing total oblivion.

The possessed Gull, fully transformed into the horrific illuminatos guardian has secrets of his own. Dark, twisted truths that threaten to destroy The Doctor and the people closest to him. Again.

All of the Doctor's secrets have been revealed or have they?

Dark Journeys End

Doctor Who: Dark Journey Series 2: Episode 6

The battle may have been won but for The Doctor the war wages on… For a Time Lord, memories never remain in the past. As the ghosts of yesteryear reappear in the Doctor's life only one question remains…

Can the Doctor make peace with himself or will his regret over the destruction of the Noble Project serve to end the Time Lords's life?

Cast and Crew: Series 1

  • The Doctor: Andrew Chalmers
  • Sherlock Holmes: Roy Miranda
  • Emily Hudson: Kate Elyse Forrest
  • Cassandra: Larissa Benfey
  • Inspector Gull: Rikki Wright
  • Sergeant Pike: Ben Clifford
  • Pub Thug: Atweh Atweh
  • Holmes lady friend:​ Adrienne Fish
  • Reporter 1: Anthony Anderson
  • Director: MA Tamburro
  • Writer: Andrew Chalmers
  • Sound Design: Clayton Turner
  • Music: Traffic Experiment
  • Album artwork and logo: Dave Ladkin and RD Shaw

Cast and Crew: Series 2

  • The Doctor: Andrew Chalmers
  • Sherlock Holmes: Roy Miranda
  • Emily Hudson, Mrs. Hudson: Kate Elyse Forrest
  • Fred: MA Tamburro
  • Gull, Watson, The Daleks, Demon Spirit: Rikki Wright
  • Cassandra: Larissa Benfey
  • Susan: Adrienne Fish
  • Benedict Waters, Various Voices: Paul Thomas Manz
  • Skeleton Guards, Various Voices:​ Atweh Atweh
  • Director: MA Tamburro
  • Writer: Andrew Chalmers
  • Sound Design: Joshua Hemming Episodes 1, 2, and 6; Kevin Gray Episodes 3 and 4; Levi Considine Episode 5; Ben Barton Episode 7
  • Recording Engineers: Joshua Hemming, Anthony Anderson, Clayton Turner
  • Special Appearances by Mark Bogner, The Droids Canada, Dr.Squee, Rob Irwin, Paul Duncan
  • Album artwork by Dave Ladkin, Aaron Gittoes, Jeff Goddard, Steve Andrew, Jason Neil, Paul Cooke, Gabby Schaeffer, Question Number 6, Anthony Anderson
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