Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a full cast science fiction radio series that was produced in the 1970s. 1,000 kilometers beyond the atmosphere of 21st-century Earth, the International Space Authority watches over deep space in Star Lab (a nickname for the Arthur C. Clarke Astronomical Observatory) – a floating space headquarters and research center.

The ISA, or International Space Authority, is a governing body of space development and exploration. Organized by all earth nations, it advances humans into deep space. Their base is officially named “The Arthur C. Clarke Astronomical Observatory” or “Starlab.” Commissioner White commands the base, and under his command aboard Starlab are Research Director Dr. Maura Cassidy along with Starlab's Director of Operations, Jerry Lyden, and two ISA Pilots affectionately known as “rocket jockies” Captains Jon Graydon and Buddy Griff.1)